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From TrønderEnergi and Ohmia to Aneo

From local power supplier to Nordic renewables group.

We will continue our mission to secure access to renewable energy and facilitate the transition from fossil to renewable solutions.

Since its establishment in 1950, TrønderEnergi has been a driving force in the Norwegian power industry. Today, we are the only power company in Norway with a greater production of new power than hydropower.

With the launch of Aneo, we’re taking the next big leap. TrønderEnergi is joining forces with HitecVision to establish a completely new kind of renewable energy group. The company will have its head office in Trondheim and operate throughout the Nordic region.

This will increase our implementation power, investment power and innovative power, while simultaneously facilitating new and ambitious customer solutions within electrification and energy efficiency.

The green shift demands implementation power

Aneo will invest heavily in renewable energy production, electrification and energy efficiency.

Our goal is to be a driving force in the green shift, with the will and investment power to develop new, green value chains. We believe new ways of thinking are the key to solving the major challenges we face.

Renewable energy has never been more important

We can waste no more time in accelerating the green shift. This will demand a pioneer who sees things from a different perspective. A pioneer with the innovative power to “think different” for customers, and think big for society.

We can thank previous generations for Norway’s hydropower. We must continue to make the most of this inheritance, but it will not be enough on its own. If we are to succeed with the green shift, we must be brave enough to invest in new energy. Here and now, not sometime in the future.

Norway, the Nordic region and Europe need more renewable energy – fast. We have the power and courage to invest in solutions that actually work. Wind power, hydropower and innovative new energy solutions that make things easy for customers and contribute to faster electrification.

We must have the implementation power to forge ahead and get things done. We must have the innovation power to find sustainable solutions for our customers and society.

At Aneo, we believe in the power of people when they come together to solve challenges. Together, we have the power to change. Together, we are Aneo.

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