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Security card for TrønderEnergi’s power plants

External parties that wish to access TrønderEnergi’s high-voltage facilities in hydropower and wind power plants must apply to the operations manager for a security card.

Before applying, we ask that you verify that the person in question has received relevant and valid training in regulations on safety during work in and operation of electrical installations (FSE). For more information, see below.

Valid courses taken via Trainor are automatically displayed by entering a date of birth and mobile phone number or e-mail address.

Coursework must be documented, so if you are not a Trainor user, documentation must be uploaded under “Add competence”.

FSE course requirement (renewed annually):

  • Access to electrical installations: Persons who will only have access to high-voltage areas must complete this course. Target group: Persons who have a key and independent access to areas with electrical hazards, to perform visual inspection or other work within locked electrical systems.
  • FSE Electrical Installations - low and high voltage with first aid: Persons who will be working on or near high-voltage installations must have completed this course.
  • Head of Security: Persons who will be the Head of Safety (LFS) must have completed this course.

Applications for security cards can be made here.

Please contact if you have any questions.

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