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Ann-Cathrine returning to TrønderEnergi Kraft full-time

Ann-Cathrine Holmen stepping down from her role at Aneo.

In connection with the corporate split between TrønderEnergi and Aneo, the companies and Ann-Cathrine Holmen agreed that she, during a transitional period, would serve as the EVP Operations Renewables at Aneo, in addition to her position as the Managing Director of TrønderEnergi Kraft. Recently, the CEO of Aneo was informed by Holmen that, after a period in a demanding dual role, she wishes to step down from her role in Aneo and fully concentrate on TrønderEnergi Kraft.

– I have had a dual role since the corporate split in 2022. It has been important and beneficial to hold both of these functions during this period to operationalize the interface between the corporations and realize synergies for both companies. However, this is now in place, and there are important strategies to be implemented in both corporations. This requires dedicated leaders. I have spent four years with Aneo, contributing to the establishment of a forward-thinking and skilled operations organization in Aneo Operations Renewables, and it has been a true pleasure. The operations organization is now facing several years with ambitious goals and many important tasks, requiring leadership that guides and supports the organization to achieve the set objectives. Until Aneo finds a permanent solution, I will continue to function in both roles, says Ann-Cathrine Holmen.

– Ann-Cathrine Holmen has been instrumental in the startup of Aneo and has excellently contributed to getting Aneo's operations organization up and running, ensuring good integration with TrønderEnergi Kraft, and delivering well to our other customers. It has been clear from the beginning that over time, it would be too demanding to hold both roles. Now, I look forward to collaborating with her as a leader at one of our important customers and partners. At the same time, I am pleased that Holmen will remain in her role with us until we have a permanent solution in place, says Aneo's CEO, Gunnar Hovland.

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