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Agreement on an amicable agreement at Nord-Fosen

Roan wind park. Photo: Aneo.

Agreement has been reached in the mediation between Nord-Fosen siida and Roan Vind DA. The parties have entered into an agreement that safeguards the reindeer owners' right to cultural practice, both in the short and long term. The production of renewable energy continues as it is today.

On Wednesday afternoon, the agreement between Nord-Fosen siida and Roan Vind was signed by the parties at the National Mediator in Oslo, with the management of the Ministry of Energy present.

"We would like to express great gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the Nord-Fosen siida, the state and Roan Vind coming to an agreement together. The agreement secures the rights to reindeer herding in Nord-Fosen, both now and in the future. The period that has elapsed from the Supreme Court ruling in October 2021 and until today has been challenging, especially for the reindeer owners, for whom we have great respect. They have dealt with daily uncertainty but have been constructive. Their contribution has been decisive in ensuring that we now have a solution, which everyone endorses. Finally, everyone can look ahead", says general manager Roger Beite Færestrand in Roan Vind.

For Roan Vind, the agreement means that the production of renewable energy at Roan will continue as it is today, and that the company will pay Nord-Fosen siida seven million NOK in annual compensation throughout the concession period, until the end of 2043. If a new license is to be applied for after 2043, it can only happen if Nord-Fosen siida gives consent for a license application to be submitted.

In the same way as in the agreement signed for Sør-Fosen sijte, a process is planned where the state will find additional area for winter grazing outside the Fosen peninsula. The Ministry of Energy has already initiated a study process to identify possible areas as a result of the agreement at Sør-Fosen. The study is expanded to include areas for Nord-Fosen. The aim is for an area to be used by Nord-Fosen siida in the winter of 2026/2027.

In the view of the parties and the Ministry of Energy, the agreement that has now been entered into ensures that it does not any longer constitute a violation of Article 27 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Based on the agreement entered into between the parties, the Ministry of Energy is of the opinion that there is no basis for initiating a reversal of the licensing decision for Roan wind farm. The Ministry therefore stops further consideration of the reversal case.

Questions and media entries to Roan Vind should be directed to Stig Tore Laugen, Communications Director at Aneo. Tel: 916 00 217

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