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Aneo commissions its first utility scale solar park

Solar park Henja in Gislaved is among Sweden's largest ground-mounted solar power plants. Photo: Sunna Group.

Aneo has started power production at the Henja solar park (15 MWp), Sweden's first utility scale solar park located in a forest area.

The renewable energy group Aneo has started producing power in Sweden's seventh-largest solar park, and the first utility scale park constructed in a forest area. Henja solar park is larger than any ground-mounted solar power plant in Norway to date. The park in Gislaved was developed and built in collaboration with the Swedish developer Sunna Group, in which Aneo acquired a stake in September 2022.

Efficient development of new power production in Sweden

Aneo has invested approximately 100 million SEK in its first solar park in Sweden.

– We have completed this project in record time. The project development – from securing land lease to commissioning – has only taken two years, thanks to our skilled partners in Sunna Group and a very time-efficient process for permits and grid connection. Norwegian authorities should look to Sweden, says Kari Skeidsvoll Moe, EVP Renewables Portfolio & Growth at Aneo.

Sunna Group praises the cooperation with both Aneo and the landowner.

– We are very pleased to reach the milestone of commissioning our first solar park, and that in record time, which shows that our business model for project development gives results. I am especially proud of our team and close collaboration with Aneo, and I also extend a big thanks to the landowner, says Marcus Qviberg, CEO of Sunna Group.

EVP Renewables Portfolio & Growth, Kari Skeidsvoll Moe, and Marcus Qviberg, CEO of Sunna Group. Photo: Aneo AS/Sunna Group AB.

Making the solar park accessible to the public

Henja solar park has an installed capacity of 15.5 megawatts (MWp) and an annual production of 15 gigawatt hours (GWh). In addition to being one of Sweden's largest solar parks, Henja is also the largest solar park without fencing. The solar park is an example of sustainable development of renewable energy, partly because the park is located in a fire-damaged area.

– At Aneo, we are always aiming to develop new renewable energy production in a sustainable way. At Henja, natural revegetation will follow in the years to come, which will provide valuable knowledge for further development of solar power. In addition, the solar cells are mounted without fencing, making the solar park open for access for both animals and humans.

An official opening of the Henja solar park will take place later this year. Photo: Sunna Group.

Facts about Henja solar park

Location: Gislaved, Jönköping County (SE3)

Size: 15.5 MWp installed capacity. Approximately 300 acres, the 7th largest solar park in Sweden.

Number of panels: Approximately 23,000 pieces.

Annual estimated production: 15,000,000 kWh (equivalent to the annual consumption of more than 3000 households)

Start of construction: June 2023

Commissioning: March 2024

Investment: Approximately 100 million SEK

About Aneo

Aneo is a Nordic renewable energy group headquartered in Trondheim, with energy company TrønderEnergi and investment fund HitecVision as owners. Aneo was established in the fall of 2022, and aims to contribute to power development, electrification, and energy efficiency - making the necessary energy transition profitable for the group's customers, owners, and society. Read more at

About Sunna Group

Sunna Group was founded in June 2021, with the ambition to increase the amount of solar energy in the energy system by developing, owning, and managing large-scale solar power plants in the Nordic region. Sunna increases access to green, locally produced solar energy, enabling faster regional establishment and expansion of companies, as well as support for the electrification of society. Sunna aims to build 500 MW by 2025 - equivalent to about half of Sweden's largest hydroelectric power plants - and 1 GW to be in production by 2030. Read more at

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