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Aneo is changing its organization and management in downstream services

The goal of all Aneo's activities is to contribute to sustainable energy transition in the Nordic region.

– To achieve this, we must produce more electricity, replace fossil energy, and use energy more efficiently. At the same time, we must also operate profitably. The energy transition simply must be profitable for our customers, society, and us, or it won't happen. Therefore, we must organize the business in a way that supports this dual objective in the most efficient manner possible. This means using our resources to ensure the greatest possible reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, while also providing reasonable returns to our shareholders, states CEO (acting) Olav Sem Austmo.

Up until now, Aneo has built five downstream product areas that, in total, have experienced significant growth in turnover. These areas have secured important positions in markets that have great potential to contribute to the Nordic energy transition and add value to the group. The strategy process within the group has indicated that our downstream product areas need flexibility and growth capital to realize opportunities and ensure healthy growth in each area. We are confident that a new organization will support our ambitions in electrification and energy efficiency in the Nordic region.

As a result of the changes, the Market and Electrification unit in Aneo will be dissolved. This entails the departure of the EVP Market and Electrification, Tarje Holskil.

– Tarje has done an impressive job establishing and elevating turnover within several of our downstream market areas, contributing to our ability to secure significant market positions in fields that will be crucial for the company's value creation in the years ahead, Austmo adds.

According to an agreement with the CEO, Holskil will assist in a smooth transition of knowledge and ensure a secure handover to the new organization until it is fully operational.

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