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Aneo is constructing a large-scale solar park in Sweden

Acting CEO Olav Sem Austmo and Executive Director for Renewable Growth at Aneo, Kari Skeidsvoll Moe, have made their first investment in a large-scale solar power plant in Sweden.

Aneo is investing approximately 100 million Norwegian kroner in what will become one of Sweden's largest solar parks.

The investment in the solar park near Gislaved in Jönköping County will be the first large-scale solar power plant in Aneo's portfolio. The facility is planned to be completed and producing electricity in the latter half of 2023. The project was developed by Sunna Group, in which Aneo became a shareholder in September of 2022.

— We are pleased to realize our first large-scale solar power project in Sweden just half a year after our investment in Sunna Group. Aneo aims to develop up to 2 TWh of solar power by 2030. This corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of about 125,000 Norwegian households. Sweden is a highly central focus area for us, says Acting CEO Olav Sem Austmo of Aneo.

Gentle Development

The solar park is being built on an area of 270 acres, equivalent to about 45 football fields, in price area SE3 in Sweden. The park will be established in a forest area damaged by fire. The facility will have an installed capacity of 15 megawatts (MW) and an annual production of 15 gigawatt-hours (GWh). This is equivalent to the yearly consumption of over 3,000 households.

— The area is highly suitable for a solar park, with no significant disruption to nature. Solar parks of this size require a lot of space, and we aim for a minimally intrusive development of new renewable power production. We see it as positive to utilize a fire-damaged forest property for solar power production, says Aneo's Executive Director for Renewable Growth, Kari Skeidsvoll Moe.

Sustainable Collaboration

In September of last year, Aneo acquired 23 percent of the shares in the Swedish development company Sunna Group. The new solar park near Gislaved is Sunna Group's first ready-to-build project.

— We are very pleased that the financing for our first solar park is secured. This project is an important step forward in reducing dependence on fossil energy sources, and towards a more sustainable future. We are grateful for Aneo's support and trust, and we look forward to both starting the construction of this park and continuing to develop more projects together in the future, says Marcus Qviberg, CEO of Sunna Group.

Expanding Solar and Wind Power

The project in Sweden will contribute to valuable competence development within Aneo, according to Skeidsvoll Moe.

— Our project development environment in solar energy is well underway in developing new solar parks, also in Norway. Already next year, we expect approval to start the construction of the first solar parks on the Norwegian side. The experiences we gain from our first project in Sweden will be invaluable in that regard.

In January of this year, Aneo acquired the Grimsås and Brännliden wind parks in Sweden. The purchase represents an increase of nearly 30 percent in Aneo's ownership in wind power production and was an important first step in establishing Aneo as a fully integrated renewable player in Sweden. Exactly two months later, the investment in the first solar park is a reality.

Facts about the project

Area: 270 acres

Installed Capacity: 15 MW

Normal Production: 15 GWh (equivalent to the consumption of over 3000 households)

Location: Gislaved, Jönköping County (Sweden)

Construction Start: Spring 2023

Commissioning: 3rd quarter of 2023

Contact Persons:

Director of Communications at Aneo, Stig Tore Laugen.

Phone: +47 916 00 217 / Email:

CEO of Sunna Group, Marcus Qviberg

Phone: 073-317 38 76 / Email:

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