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Aneo opens office in Denmark: brings "Energy as a Service" to the Danish market

Aneo Retail is expanding into a new market. Technical advisor Mads Jensen (left) and Sales manager Michael Kønig (right) are leading the electrification efforts in the grocery retail sector in Denmark from Aneos office in Aarhus.

Aneo opened its office in Aarhus, Denmark, in January, marking its presence in a new country with energy-efficient solutions for the retail sector. Michael Kønig will lead the work of Aneo Retail Denmark alongside colleague Mads Jensen.

In a joint venture with the Danish technology conglomerate Danfoss, Aneo Retail is extending its successful energy service solutions from Sweden to enter the Danish grocery market. In 2023, the parties established the company Aneo Retail Denmark AS, and they are now continuing their collaboration in a new market.The company will serve the Danish grocery market, offering cooling and other technical systems to grocery stores as a service. The company will operate under the same model that Aneo has successfully implemented in Norway and Sweden.

Offers customers a green "all-in-one" service solution

Aneo Retail has developed the service model "Energy as a Service," allowing grocery stores to subscribe to technical systems as a service. The concept provides customers with a highly flexible solution, granting access to new and energy-efficient equipment without significant investments and high upfront costs. The concept comes with performance guarantees for energy efficiency, operational reliability, and operating costs, ensuring customers confidence in technical operations and nearly 100 percent predictable operating costs.

Ambitious goals set for 2024

Michael Kønig was hired on January 1 to lead Aneo Retail's efforts in Denmark, with Mads Jensen joining the team. Both have worked with cooling products and services in the retail sector in Denmark for several years.

– We have already received many positive responses from potential partners in both retail and the cooling industry. We look forward to initiating our first projects in the first half of 2024 and expect to operate a double-digit number of systems by the end of the year, says Sales Manager Michael Kønig.

Kønig confirms that the collaboration with Danfoss is already well underway in Denmark.

– There is no doubt that close collaboration with experience and technology exchange between Danfoss and Aneo Retail Denmark will be a huge advantage, not only for Danish retail businesses choosing to collaborate with us but also for service and collaboration partners we hopefully will engage with in the future.

    About Aneo

    The Nordic renewable energy company Aneo is heavily investing in renewable energy production, electrification, and energy efficiency. Established in 2022, the company is owned by TrønderEnergi and HitecVision. Aneo, headquartered in Trondheim, owns and operates wind, solar, and hydro power plants in Norway and Sweden, in addition to providing various electrification services in the Nordic region. Their goal is to be a driving force for green transition with the will and investment power to develop new green value chains.

    About Aneo Retail

    Aneo Retail offers "Energy as a Service" with fully financed, energy-efficient cooling and freezing solutions, including 24/7 monitoring and support. The company is a significant partner for over 2000 grocery stores and contributes significantly to the green transition.

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