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Aneo participates in a bid for Biokraft International

In Norway, Biokraft's operations consist of a large-scale biogas plant in Skogn, outside Trondheim. The facility is one of the world's largest for integrated production of liquefied biogas.

On December 18th, Aneo, St1, and HitecVision announced their intention to consolidate their ownership in Biokraft International through the establishment of the company 1Vision Biogas. Swedish authorities approved that 1Vision can retain majority ownership in Biokraft International this week. 1Vision Biogas currently owns approximately 55 percent of the shares, and announced a bid for the remaining shares in the company today.

Biokraft is a Nordic green technology company that produces bioenergy and plant nutrition by recycling organic waste and by-products in large-scale biorefineries. Biokraft builds, owns, and operates large-scale biogas plants and currently has facilities in Sweden, South Korea, and Norway, including at Skogn in Levanger, Trøndelag.

Through ownership in Biokraft International, Aneo aims to contribute to achieving Biokraft's growth goals and to a more profitable energy transition throughout the Nordic region.

– We have developed Biokraft since 2010, and have significantly contributed to industrializing liquid biogas in Norway and Sweden. This is industrial development that we are very proud of and that has a significant impact on the climate with an expected annual reduction of 170,000 tons of CO2 equivalents from Biokraft starting in 2024. We see that this requires substantial investments in new biogas production facilities. With Hitecvision and ST1 as partners, we can and will achieve our goals, says Håkon Welde, responsible for ownership management at Aneo.

1Vision Biogas is owned 50 percent by St1 Nordic Oy ("St1") and 50 percent by Daytona Holdco AS, the joint holding company of Aneo and HV Daytona. HV Daytona is owned by HitecVision New Energy Fund AS, a fund managed by HitecVision.

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