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Aneo's first large-scale solar park in Gislaved nears production start

Johan Paradis, co-founder and CTO of Sunna Group AB, and Guro Gravdehaug, Head of Business Development at Aneo, standing in front of what will become one of Sweden's largest solar power plants.

Aneo has invested approximately 100 million NOK in what will be one of Sweden's largest solar parks. Now, the park in Gislaved is approaching production start.

Taking shape

The solar park, under construction in southern Sweden, is the first large-scale solar power plant in Aneo's portfolio. From the decision to build to completion, it will have taken less than a year. The park is expected to be operational by the end of 2023.

– The construction of the Gislaved solar park is a significant milestone for Aneo's investment in new renewable energy production. We are very pleased that our first large-scale solar power project is progressing well in collaboration with our partner, Sunna Group, says Aneo's Executive Director for Renewable Energy Growth, Kari Skeidsvoll Moe.

The Gislaved solar park will produce 15 GWh per year, equivalent to the electricity consumption of approximately 3,000 households.

One of Sweden's largest solar parks

Upon completion, the Gislaved solar power plant will be one of Sweden's largest solar parks, surpassing any ground-mounted solar parks in Norway to date. The park is being constructed on an area of approximately 270 acres, with an installed capacity of 15.5 megawatts (MW) and an annual production of 15 gigawatt-hours (GWh).

The solar park is being developed in collaboration with the Swedish development company Sunna Group, in which Aneo acquired part ownership in September 2022.

Building renewable energy gently

The soon-to-be-operational solar park is being built on an area damaged by fire. Kari Skeidsvoll Moe commends their partner, Sunna Group, and believes that Gislaved serves as a good example of a gentle expansion of renewable energy.

– At Aneo, we are committed to the gentle expansion of new renewable energy production. In Gislaved, natural revegetation will be followed in the years ahead, providing valuable knowledge for further solar power development, says Skeidsvoll Moe.

Kari Skeidsvoll Moe, Executive Director for Renewable Energy Growth in Aneo, believes that the Gislaved project is a good example of how new renewable energy production can be developed gently.

About the project

  • Area: 270 acres
  • Installed capacity: 15 MW
  • Normal production: 15 GWh
  • Location: Gislaved, Jönköping County (Sweden)
  • Construction start: Spring 2023
  • Commissioning: 4th quarter of 2023

About Sunna Group

Sunna Group was founded in June 2021 with the ambition of increasing solar energy in the energy system by developing, owning, and managing large-scale solar power in the Nordic region. Together with long-term capital partners, Sunna is a sustainable player in the Swedish energy market. Sunna increases access to green, locally produced solar energy, enabling rapid regional business establishment and expansion, as well as support for electrification of society. Sunna aims to build 500 MW by 2025, equivalent to about half of Sweden's largest hydroelectric power plants, with 1 GW in production by 2030. Learn more at

About Aneo

Aneo is a Nordic renewable energy group with its headquarters in Trondheim, with the energy company TrønderEnergi and the investment fund HitecVision as owners. Aneo was established in the fall of 2022 and aims to contribute to power generation, electrification, and energy efficiency, making the necessary energy transition profitable for the group's customers, owners, and society. Learn more at

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