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Aneo’s Board of Directors has appointed Gunnar Hovland (58) as the new CEO of Aneo. Hovland joins from his previous role as the CEO of TINE and brings with him extensive experience in both the power and finance sectors.

– With Gunnar Hovland in charge, we have acquired a CEO who can further develop both Aneo Group and the management philosophy that supports the values already established within the company. We are attaining a leader who comprehends and can navigate the realms of energy, finance, industry and end-user markets, having led a corporation with both production and customers within national and international markets. Gunnar’s extensive experience as the top executive in large and complex organizations has been crucial for our decision, stated Terje Eidesmo, Chairman of the Board at Aneo.

The right person

Aneo is Trønderenergi and HitecVision’s new Nordic renewable energy company, established in the fall of 2022. Aneo has substantial ambitions and intends to invest 15 to 20 billion NOK in new renewable energy production, energy efficiency, and energy services across the Nordic region. Several investments have already been made.

– We are confident that in Gunnar, we have found the right leader to realize Aneo´s strategy and to inspire all Aneo employees to perform their best in order to facilitate the energy transition that the Nordic region requires, while simultaneously establishing a foundation for reasonable returns to our shareholders, added chairman Eidesmo.

Experienced top executive

Gunnar Hovland, a native of Luster in Sogn, resides in Trondheim where Aneo has its headquarters. Since 2018, he has served as the CEO of TINE. Prior to that, he held positions as CEO of BN Bank, deputy CEO of Fjordkraft, and CEO of Trondheim Kraft.

Hovland is clear on his goals for returning to the energy sector: to realize the pressing need for global energy transition.

– Aneo is strategically positioned to contribute to solving our era´s greatest challenge, armed with expertise, technology, solutions – and most importantly, skilled individuals. Our primary task is to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Concurrently, we must maintain a sustainable energy system and ensure that the energy transition is sound, for both Aneo and our customers. That is our mission, and the opportunity to work towards this mission every single day is something I greatly anticipate and find immense motivation in, stated Hovland.

Joining Aneo in 2024

The 58-year-old will commence his role at Aneo after completing the transition at TINE. He will initially spend time acquainting himself with Aneo, while Olav S. Austmo will continue as CEO until the end of the year. Austmo was appointed as Aneo’s acting CEO in March this year and will revert to the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and assume a central role as Deputy CEO starting January 1st.

– We are aware that we have highly capable individuals with strong skills and a deep understanding of our various business domains working at Aneo. Thus, we have been focused on recruiting a leader who can extract the utmost potential from our people. We are confident that Gunnar, with his firm belief in trust-based management and leading through others, will establish a solid foundation for the necessary execution capabilities within the organization, says Aneo´s chairman Terje Eidesmo.

Eager anticipation

Hovland is prepared to roll up his sleeves and contribute to the energy transition.

– Aneo combines 70 years of experience with some of the most exciting services in the energy markets. I am excited to become better acquainted with the company and its people. We have a significant and thrilling societal mission, and I look forward to embarking on this journey alongside the rest of the organization and the outstanding energy, industry, and knowledge partners and communities in the technology hub of Trondheim, expressed Hovland.

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