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Operational services

Aneo helps power plant owners with everything from clean operation to power plant management and maximising value creation. 

Asset Management

We can help power plant owners maximise their long-term value creation and achieve safe, efficient and future-oriented technical and commercial management of their hydropower and wind power plants.

This includes:

  • Company management: advice to the board, reporting and general management
  • Strategy work and long-term plans: Preparation of watercourse strategies and development strategies.
  • Risk management
  • Follow-up of environmental measures, condition revisions, property matters, etc.
  • Stakeholder management on behalf of the company.

Technical Management

We can help owners maximise their long-term returns and create value from your systems.

We can:

  • Identify needs for upgrades and prepare investment plans 
  • Conduct technical strategy work, including asset and maintenance strategies
  • Operate and develop technical quality systems and technical environments

Operations and maintenance

The primary objective of our Operations and Maintenance services is to ensure the availability of systems and systems for production by operating and maintaining the customer’s asset portfolio in accordance with the goals set by the owners.

This includes:

  • Handling of unforeseen events and unplanned situations that affect production
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory and owner-imposed requirements
  • Planning and execution of efficient and preventive operations and maintenance activities
  • Implementation of minor system/facility upgrades

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