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Apprentice at Aneo

Do you want to work for the future?

Aneo is making significant investments in renewable energy production, electrification, and energy efficiency in the Nordic region. We are working towards increasing access to renewable energy and believe that innovative thinking is necessary to address the major challenges we face. As an apprentice at Aneo, YOU can make your contribution.

During your apprenticeship with us, you will be part of an exciting work environment in a company that is experiencing substantial growth and development. You will work on sustainability in practice at our facilities, become familiar with an exciting industry and new technology, and work alongside dedicated and skilled employees and mentors.

We are committed to your development as an apprentice. During your practical training as an apprentice, you will participate in the work through hands-on training and gradually take on more responsibility for tasks. You will also be part of a diverse work environment with a culture that is safe and supportive but also challenging. At Aneo, we support each other, are curious, and share to improve together.

Aneo is an approved training company for energy operators and office work.

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