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A trainee position is a two-year temporary internship with the possibility of permanent employment upon completion of the program. Normally, it begins in September and ends in June. This is an excellent opportunity to gain the necessary experience that will serve as a springboard for your career advancement.

What can you expect as a trainee at Aneo?

As a trainee, you become part of our trainee program. The program consists of training, independent work, and the opportunity to rotate between several departments and areas of expertise. At the beginning of the internship period, there will be more training and introduction to the organization and field, but eventually, you will participate in regular tasks. Placement within the company is based on your academic background and preferences, in combination with the company's needs.

You will be assigned a coordinator who will support you throughout your time with us, in addition to guidance from the professional leader in the unit or department you are assigned to at any given time.

As a trainee, you can expect close follow-up, personal and professional development, individually tailored tasks, participation in projects, seminars, and excursions (including visits to hydro and wind power plants, microgrids, and similar). Our program is designed to give you the best start on your journey from student to professional – a springboard forward.

Meet our trainees!

Who are you?

You have completed higher education in relevant fields as specified in the job postings. You are OPEN, sharing your knowledge and promoting new ideas. You aim to develop yourself while contributing to our collective development and organizational learning. You are BOLD and willing to take on new challenges. You are committed to trying, failing, and learning, and sharing insights with your colleagues. You are RESPONSIBLE and keep your promises. You take the time to listen and are committed to a good and innovative work environment.

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What do we do together?

In Aneo’s trainee programme, you’re part of a larger group of trainees, giving you a secure social foundation in the company. Numerous trainee gatherings will be held throughout the year, and you’ll also collaborate on joint projects at work. The gatherings range from an evening of paintball and dinner, to a week together at one of our wind farms.

It is also up to the trainees to create a good social environment outside of work, and there is a tradition of birthday parties, walks in the fields, and dinners.

The best thing about being a trainee is definitely the social cohesion in the group and getting to know people in the same situation as yourself!

― Mathilde Klungland Ljøkjel

If you would like to hear more about the trainee programme, you’re welcome to contact one of our current trainees!

Name E-mail
Benjamin Welfler
Mathilde Klungland Ljøkjel 
Ingrid Andrea Legran
Marthe Wensaas 
Stian Topland 
Erik Næss Guldbrandsøy 
Melis Terzi 
Henrik Ågotnes
Tore Kamsvåg

At Aneo, I’ve had the opportunity to go from writing my master’s thesis to becoming a trainee, and then on to a permanent job involving exciting, future-oriented tasks within hydrogen and sustainability.

― Magnus Runnerstrøm, Business Developer, Sustainability

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