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New power

Norway, the Nordic region and Europe need more renewable energy – fast. We have the power and courage to invest in solutions that actually work.

Tap into your power potential

At Aneo, our ambition is to develop more renewable power in the Nordic region. Since the mid-2000s, we have invested in wind power development, and now we are looking for areas with sufficient wind resources for wind power production, as well as those with enough hours of sunshine to produce solar power. The establishment of new power production yields both direct value creation for municipalities and landowners and positive ripple effects for local businesses. 

Are you a landowner and believe that your property might be suitable for power production? Or are you a municipal representative and would like us to assess your municipality’s opportunities for renewable energy production?

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Wind power

Norway and the Nordic countries have excellent conditions for the production of wind power. Today, and for many years to come, onshore wind power is assumed to be the renewable power production with the lowest development cost per produced unit. The potential for local value creation for municipalities and landowners is huge, and the development of wind power can strenghten opportunities for establishment of industry in the local area.

We can assist in the assessment of opportunities for wind power production on your property, in your industrial enterprise or municipality.

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Solar power

Contrary to popular belief, there are good conditions for solar power production in Norway and the rest of the Nordic region. We believe that solar power will soon become an important part of Nordic power production. Solar power can be produced from panels mounted on buildings or other structures or attached to the ground in a solar park. Areas that have previously been used for industry and business may be particularly suitable, due to their proximity to power grids and other infrastructure. Perhaps there are opportunities for solar power production on your property or in your municipality? 

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We develop sustainable projects

We develop and implement power projects in a way that minimises negative environmental impacts. We take responsibility for ensuring sustainable value creation in which we do the best for local communities, owners, employees and society at large.

We develop power projects to operate them ourselves, in a long-term perspective. The projects are developed in close cooperation with the local community, municipalities, relevant authorities, landowners and other affected parties. 

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