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Sørmarkfjellet wind farm in Trøndelag.

Our power production

Aneo is a significant owner of renewable power production, both through full and partial ownership in wind farms in Norway and Sweden, as well as through a substantial stake in Trønderenergi's hydroelectric power production. We have, in recent years made significant strides in renewable energy production thanks to our robust financial partners.

In addition to the wind farms we operate, we own 8% of Fosen Vind. These farms have an installed capacity of 801 MW and produce 2.6 TWH of renewable energy annually. The co-owners are Statkraft with 52% and Nordic Wind Power, holding 40%. Statkraft is the operator of Fosen Vind.

Together with Stadtwerke München, we own Midgard Vind. Aneo's share is 30%, while the remaining 70% is owned by Stadtwerke München. Through Midgard, we own the following wind farms: Stokkfjellet, Sørmarkfjellet, Hundhammerfjellet, Frøya, Bessakerfjellet, Valsneset, and Ytre Vikna.

Together with Stadtwerke München (30%) and Nordic Wind Power (40%), Aneo (30%) owns Roan Vind, one of Europe's largest wind farms.

Except for Fosen Vind, Aneo is the operator of all wind power plants in which we have co-ownership.

Aneo also own 20% of Trønderenergi's hydroelectric power production.

In total, Aneo's ownership corresponds to approximately 1,260 GWH of wind power and 520 GWH of hydroelectric power in annual production under normal weather conditions.

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