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Health, safety and security

Personal safety always comes first at Aneo.

Health, safety and work environment

Our goal is zero work-related accidents, personal injuries and work-related illnesses.  Personal safety should come first in everything we do, and we impose the same requirements on our suppliers.  Our position is that all accidents can be prevented through systematic safety work.

A fundamental principle in all HSE work is that it should be carried out systematically and with a long-term perspective. We work continuously to prevent accidents, personal injuries and work-related illnesses.

The goal of zero work-related accidents, personal injuries and work-related illnesses is integrated into our attitudes and actions. We strongly emphasise continuous improvement and strive to learn from any unwanted incidents that do occur.

A good work environment is fundamental to safeguarding the health of our employees and the key to a safe workplace and engaged employees.  We ensure that measures are in place to ensure acceptable residual risk. All our employees are covered by an occupational health service scheme.


Our goal is to prevent, detect, address and respond to all undesirable safety incidents. Our security management work will ensure that we can achieve our goals.

Although security is a line responsibility, each individual’s behaviour and actions are crucial to our success. Everyone who works at or for Aneo is thus personally responsible for helping to create and maintain an acceptable standard of security.

The ability to protect our people, assets and business from threats is essential for our existence and for the success of our business activities.

We take a holistic approach to safety, divided into three different areas: physical safety, information security, and personnel security.

Physical safety

This area involves protecting our workers. It also entails preventing and responding to vandalism, theft, espionage and the like on our work sites.

Personnel security

This area involves protecting against parties who might exploit legitimate access to our systems for unauthorised purposes.

Information security

Involves ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of our information.

Crisis management, continuous business operations and emergency preparedness

Our corporate emergency preparedness is dimensioned based on external requirements and requirements we set for ourselves. Corporate emergency preparedness refers to measures to prevent, limit or deal with undesirable incidents and crises that may occur in all our activities. For us, preparedness thus involves detection, notification, the implementation of measures,
normalisation and evaluation.

The main purpose of emergency preparedness is to prevent or reduce: property damage, personal injury/other impact on people, the external environment, production and operations, information, financial assets and reputation.

Order of priority when handling emergency situations:

  1. Life and health
  2. External environment
  3. The company’s values and value creation
  4. Reputation

We have a group-wide management system that describes the management of the response from our emergency preparedness organisation, as well as the management of continuous business operations in the company. Our management system is based on regulatory requirements, standards, good industry practice, and our own internal requirements.

Our corporate emergency preparedness is a 24/7/365 solution, and the emergency telephone hotline plays an essential role in receiving and addressing alerts.

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