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How we protect nature

The global community is facing many major challenges, and climate change has rightly received a lot of focus. But in recent years, the need to focus more on nature and the environment has been highlighted by the IPBES and WWF, among others. Their reports have emphasised the incredibly negative impact the global community has on species diversity and the state of nature across the globe.

Reduced species populations and biodiversity result in significantly impaired resilience, thus increasing the risk permanently reducing the ecosystem services on which we are totally dependent. 

The IPBES makes it crystal clear that changes in the world’s ecosystems pose as serious a challenge to humanity as climate change.

This means that we must be able to keep several thoughts in our heads at the same time. We must sustainably preserve nature while eliminating emissions.

The idea of including consideration for nature and the local environment in our activities is not a novel one, but it is receiving renewed focus as a result of the aforementioned reports. Nature and our local environment are thus an equally large part of our values in all our business activities.

We recognise that all our activities will have a direct or indirect impact on nature, either in terms of land use or resource use. We therefore feel a great responsibility to understand the consequences of our choices, putting us in the best possible position to minimise the negative consequences of our actions throughout the value chain.

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