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Our procurements and agreements

The Aneo Group is a significant customer of goods and services, in all parts of our domestic and international operations. We are committed to professional procurement processes guided at every stage by good business practices, quality and expertise.

All companies in the group are subject to a common Procurement Policy, and most concluded agreements are made available to all the group’s companies for their perusal.

Our Procurement Policy aims to result in efficient contractual relationships that remain competitive in the long term. We expect all our suppliers to actively contribute to realising the group’s identity platform, goals and visions, including our sustainability goals. This is made clear by the requirements we impose on the goods and services we purchase and the companies from whom we procure them.

We act in an orderly and transparent manner towards all companies involved in our procurement work, and we strive to ensure that everyone who participates in competitions under our auspices is treated with the utmost professionalism. In our ongoing contractual relationships, we are committed to continuous development and improvement under the agreement.

The Aneo Group aims to contribute to positive ripple effects in the areas in which we operate, including within the supplier industry. To this end, our portfolio comprises a broad range of local and regional suppliers.

Want to become an Aneo supplier?

We are always interested in getting to know new suppliers who share our visions and meet our expectations and requirements. Specific information about goods and services that are relevant to us can be sent to; we will get in touch if the information is interesting in the short term, or keep it for use at a later date.

In larger procurements, prequalification tools such as Achilles UNCE, etc. are often used, whereby all relevant suppliers in the tool can participate in the prequalification process.

To be considered as an Aneo supplier, the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The company must be established and registered in its country of origin’s required company and VAT registers
  • The company must have established and effective ethical and business conduct regulations
  • The company may not be blacklisted in any relevant register
  • All work in Norway must comply with and respect Norwegian laws, regulations and labour policy
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