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Stian Topland

Stian is in his second year as a trainee, working with business development and follow-up of wind power at Aneo, both the one we own ourselves and the one we are a market actor for. Read more about what Stian does at Aneo, and what he believes is the best part of being a trainee.

Why did you apply for a trainee position at Aneo?

The trainee program Aneo presented seemed perfect for me with a general economics background and a desire to learn more about the power industry.

Aneo seemed like a company where I could contribute to renewable solutions in practice, and it has values ​​that resonate with me.

What do you like best about working at Aneo?

A lot! The execution capability in projects, the work environment and the people, and feeling like you are part of the company. I also love the forward-thinking pioneer role Aneo takes on to accelerate the green shift.

What have you worked on during your time as a trainee?

In the first six months, I worked on the company's hydrogen initiative. Here, we conducted market analyses of the maritime transport segment to investigate the role of hydrogen as an alternative fuel in the coming years. At the same time, I also worked on a trainee project where we mapped out various applications for the use of drones in operations management. The project ended with a decision to invest in drones – it was cool! Trainee projects are perfect for getting to know the company across departments.

Next, I rotated to the Renewable Growth department where I worked on investments. Here, I learned a tremendous amount about how the company works with strategy and significant investment cases.

Today, I work on monitoring our wind farms, dealing with everything from reporting park availability to how we report production for the next day. This is a fantastic way to learn how the power market operates. It's complex, to say the least, but also extremely exciting!

What is the best part of being a trainee?

A lot, again! Among other things, the opportunity to work in several departments is fantastic. For me, who has studied economics, this fits like a glove since I'm not necessarily tailored for one department. Additionally, I have to mention the employee association that organizes social activities like after-work drinks, bowling, movie nights, and more!

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